Do you help your employer become a successful international or global brand?

Do you find the process challenging or don’t even know where to start?

Do you rely on service providers who don’t deliver what you expect of them?

Do you wish you had a better strategy, better operations and more management support?

We did too.

And we had to learn a few things the hard way while driving what has arguably been the fastest international expansion of the past decade.
Today, we offer those who could have been our colleagues the support we wish we had back then.

Image by Andrew Stutesman

International expansion is an opportunity
that comes with risks and pitfalls

It can drive value creation and be a competitive weapon enabling a firm’s growth or survival.
However, lack of relevant knowledge and experience, compounded with increased uncertainty as well as language and culture barriers, expose internationalising businesses to major risks and undermine their long-term success.


Expansion benefits

Realise revenue streams
Access cheaper and more diversified resources
Develop economies of scope and scale 
Develop organisational learning
Recruit and retain top talent
Increase performance
Find investors

Expansion risks

Risk of exhausting resources 
Greater competitive disadvantage
Increased firm-specific business risk

Sources of risk

Exposure to uncertain environments
Lack of international business experience
Lack of foreign market knowledge 
Linguistic and cultural differences
Increased coordination costs
Liability of foreignness

We set aspiring global brands and teams
up for success in new markets

We provide strategy and management support for international expansion and growth.

By bringing the learnings from our 18+ years of experience in the field, we enable businesses to tackle major sources of risk that stem from operating and marketing internationally, rapidly develop the relevant knowledge and capabilities, and build the foundation for international growth.

Most importantly, we help the teams and individuals who help these businesses grow but would need a bit of extra support.

Here is the expertise we will bring.

International expansion

International marketing

Global branding and advertising

Cross-cultural communications


Multilingual content operations

International outsourcing

Global virtual team management


About us

Before joining our complementary skills to found Grow-thru in July 2020, being 11 hours apart and supporting WeWork as our first client, we worked hand in hand at the forefront of accelerated global expansion at ClassPass.

Tatiana Ryabinina

With a background in international operations and sales and a decade of managerial experience, Tatiana’s expertise spans cross-cultural marketing, global branding and advertising, localisation and multilingual content production.

As a strategist, consultant and project manager, she has enabled 60+ global and international brands to reach customers in 60+ countries and languages. A speaker of 6 languages herself, Tatiana holds a degree in languages and cultures of Asia and Africa, a master’s in linguistics and an Executive MBA.

Currently based in London, UK

Torin Didenko

A self-motivated entrepreneurial thinker, Torin has been helping large and small B2B and B2C companies build meaningful and authentic connections with customers locally and globally for the past 8 years. 

Torin's expertise lies in balancing business requirements, product marketing, brand strategy and communications, cultural expectations of diverse target customer groups and data-led insights to identify solutions that drive performance and results.

Currently based in Sydney, Australia


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