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Global growth doesnt have to be pursued through painful localisation

Do you wish localisation didn’t take so much of your time?

Do you wish your colleagues stopped complaining about your content sounding translated?

Do you wish your localisation team and vendors came to you with solutions instead of issues that you don’t know how to address?

What if you could have all your localisation problems solved, save $1 million per year and even get your entire team promoted?

That’s exactly what we did for our first client, an EMEA Marketing Team at a global B2B platform.


The EMEA Marketing Team were stuck with several translation agencies they hated.

The Product Localisation Team, who had chosen the agencies, didn’t want to help.

Their localisation management partner was not delivering on their expectations.

Their colleagues in the regions had to keep correcting translations.

And the need to amend translations was also causing delays in campaign launches.

But the team felt they couldn’t change their existing localisation setup.


In less than a year, with less than $50K, they got a new localisation management model, translations ready up to 3 times faster and $1M in yearly savings.

The team positioned themselves as localisation champions, took ownership of more markets and got promoted to International Marketing.

Translations didn’t even need checking, so their colleagues could focus on their jobs.

Their preferred agency, localisation partner and previously uncooperative Localisation Team were proactively identifying potential problems and proposing solutions.

What is your vision of localisation?

Let’s meet to see how we can bring it to life.

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