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International Business Learning Programme

We’re looking for curious individuals who have difficulty finding work or changing jobs and are willing to do any or all of the following:

  • Develop new skills to advance their career

  • Gain work experience in new roles

  • Learn all aspects of international business

  • Expand their professional network

  • Start their own company

  • Build a global business

We believe that it’s possible to do all these things within a year (or less), and we’re launching an experimental learning programme to prove that. 


It’s free to join. The only prerequisites to participate are curiosity and ability to communicate in English.


Those who have already built a global company are welcome to participate as advisors.

How is it going to work?

The participants will be building a global business while learning how to do it.


They will split into 8 teams and start 8 different companies, each trying to do the same thing – build and grow an international business that helps others do the same. 


To do that, each team will follow one of the 8 paths below.

For any question or challenge that arises, the teams will... 


Ask industry and domain experts (professionals and practitioners only)


Ask any person who has relevant experience


Read books on the topic


Ask ChatGPT or any other AI tool (we know, it’s everywhere these days)


Ask subject matter experts (academics only)


Ask family, friends and colleagues


Find answers using search engines (without actually talking to anyone)


Challenge all norms and break all rules (but no laws), without seeking anyone’s advice but asking for help 

Every day each participant will be documenting what they’ve learned and regularly sharing that with others.


During the programme, participants will be able to change companies as many times as they want.

When, where, how long, and how much?

Starting date: as soon as we have at least one participant for each path

Location: anywhere in the world

Duration: up to 1 year (as long as you want)

Hours: flexible, anything you’re willing to commit
(1 hour per day is good enough)

Fees: none

Compensation: anything you’ll manage to earn in the process

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