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If Noom translated those exact messages into Spanish, quite a few of their users in Mexico would think “Sure, that’s what you guys do in the US”. They would feel alienated.

Messages like “Think: I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day” tell those who live in a place where oatmeal is not a common default breakfast option that the piece of content they’re seeing (and probably the rest of it) has been created not for them but for people who live somewhere else.

And once they’ve had an experience meant for someone else, customers start looking for more flaws in the brand’s content and product, and in their interaction with the brand overall. 

It’s like finding out that the brand they love has cheated on them. These customers feel betrayed and can’t wait to find more traces of anything that feels remotely foreign. They start wondering when and why the brand has stopped caring about them, and thinking that maybe it never really did. (Goodbye, CAC, LTV, and NPS targets…)

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