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Case study


Making sense of international customer expectations

“To expand our revenue potential in existing and new geographies, we need to invest in localisation, but we can’t understand for which countries it makes more sense”

Project owner

Chief Strategy Officer


Consumer electronics
$1B+ valuation
Customers in 30+ countries
Product and content in English


A list of 50+ non-English speaking countries selected based on demographic data

We want to make sure we invest only in what is necessary.

There seems to be an overlap between our target segment and the English-speaking population in some countries.

  • Profit-maximising international expansion and localisation strategy

  • Business case for localisation

  • Research on customer expectations of the extent of localisation for the product category

  • Expansion in 4 phases to increase investment gradually, with each phase targeting a different segment with different localisation expectations

  • 28 markets shortlisted and sequenced in 6 tiers balancing revenue potential and localisation cost vs. complexity

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Creating and delivering more value at scale

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Driving revenue and savings with a painless process

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Creating and delivering more value on a budget

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Communicating value to raise awareness and sales

“How can we position localisation as a differentiator for our company and an important buying criteria for multinationals?”

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