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Case study


Preparing the company for new ways of working

“How can we get ready to adapt customer touchpoints to local conditions across 35 countries so we can drive more sales and customer satisfaction?”

Project owner

Strategy Team


Series A startup
19 teams
300 employees
20 customer touchpoints 


Europe: 17 countries
Middle East: 4 countries
Asia: 11 countries
Americas: 3 countries

We want to start with minimal adaptation (i.e. translation only), but most of our customer touchpoints have multimedia content that can’t be just translated.

Every team is worried that localisation will be too difficult.

Our content processes are not well defined and heavily depend on third parties.

Teams have a lot of autonomy, so top-down, centralised approaches won’t work.

  • Strategy development

  • Process design

  • Change management

  • Supplier sourcing
    (language services and t


International strategy spanning all business functions, jointly owned and continuously optimised by all teams

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