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We ask people struggling to find work to grow global businesses for free

It sounds horrible and absurd, doesn’t it? But this is exactly what we want to do. Why? 

It seems to be a common practice in our field. Why? 

We thought it was bad management, which is why we started a management consultancy. 

Every client has been very pleased with what theyve achieved with our support

They’ve helped their employers grow the business, advanced their careers, and given work to others.


It would make sense for us to grow our business, yet we’re not bringing more people onboard. Why?

We don’t want anyone to work in a field where people are asked to help grow businesses globally virtually for free

We’re talking about translators – key localisation stakeholders enabling international business growth.

With rapid advances in technology changing the way we work and communicate, the perceived value of their skills is likely to decrease further unless they reskill and/or reposition themselves.


This is why, instead of hiring people to work in localisation, we’re inviting them to join our free international business learning programme meant to help them grow professionally – and even grow their own global business if they want.

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